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Beijing Orient PengSheng Tech. Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. We are a specialized provider on wire & cable making machines and committed to provide wire & cable processing overall solutions for global users.
With over 10 years’ excellent technology and professional experience in the field, high-quality and mature products, and perfect service system, we have achieved rapid development. We have provided more than five hundred machines or lines in the …

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  • Introduction of ZL250-17/TH3000A/WS630-2 Intermediate drawing line

    ZL250-17 Intermediate wire drawing machine adopts fully-dip cooling system, with the emergency stop on the control panel to make sure the safe operation. the drawing cone wheel, capstans are treated with Tungsten carbide. Drawing motor is controlled by AC transmission. The moving power transmitt...

  • 6000 tons Up-casting machine for oxygen-free copper rod line

    This Up-casting continuous casting system is used to produce bright and long oxygen free copper rod with capacity 6000tons per year. This system is with characters of high quality product, low investment, easy operation, low running cost, flexible in changing production size and no pollution to ...

  • Spare parts for Upward continuous casting machine (Up casting machine )

    The Up Casting system is mainly used to produce high quality oxygen free copper rod for wire and cable industries. With some special design, it is capable to make some copper alloys for various applications or some profiles like tubes and bus bar. The system is with cha...

  • Advanced design of our Rod breakdown machine.

    Our  company Beijing Orient PengSheng Tech. Co., Ltd was established in year 2012.We are a specialized provider on copper and aluminum wire drawing machines including rod breakdown machine, multi-wire drawing machine, intermediate drawing machine and fine drawing machine etc. We are committed to...

  • Upward Continuous Casting Machine for Producing Oxygen Free Copper Rod

    It is known as “Upcast” technology for producing oxygen free copper rod. With over 20 years experiences on design and operation, our upward continuous casting machine could be easily installed and operated. High quality of copper rod could be produced from the machine. It has flexibl...